Safety Signs

Different Types

Safety signs are used to promote safety inside the workplace. They do this by warning employees and other people inside the building about potential hazards, and by educating them about the proper safety practices. There are numerous types of safety signs, both for outdoor and indoor working areas. Danger signs, for example, warn employees of hazards, such as deadly chemicals, heavy machinery, high-voltage areas, and confined spaces. They may also signify that certain zones are hard hat areas, that they contain flammable liquids, or that all employees must keep out. Notice signs are used to remind employees about health and safety policies. They may recommend proper clothing, such as safety glasses or other protective gear, or to wash their hands before returning to work. First aid signs signify where first aid stations are located. Knowing where a first aid kit is can be the difference between life and death, particularly during a medical emergency. Warning signs are also common types of safety signs. They are similar to danger signs, in that they warn employees of potential danger and hazardous areas. They also inform employees of areas where falling debris may occur, whether or not they need to wear hard hats, and where electrical hazards may be located. Lastly, machine safety signs are also extremely common. They contain information on how to properly operate certain machinery and other heavy equipment. They may include warnings about conveyor belts and where emergency stops are located, or if certain machines start automatically.

Warning Sign

How to Set Up

Many machines come with their own warning signs on them, so they are already done for you. For the most part, however, you will have to set up your own safety signs. Essentially, it comes down to basic common sense. In areas where there is a risk of falling debris, you should put a falling debris warning sign, and a safety sign that says hard hats must be worn in this area. In areas with high voltage or electricity, a high voltage warning sign should be set up. Another thing to watch out for is if a spill or other accident occurs. You may need to set up temporary warning signs for certain areas if they have become contaminated or are not safe for people to be walking in. This includes something as little as a wet floor sign, to something as serious as a keep out sign.

Water Safety Sign


Safety signs are extremely beneficial and should be used in all workplace environments, particularly ones that involve construction. Some areas are not safe for people to be walking in unless they are properly equipped, and safety signs can help ensure that everyone is aware of this. They also serve as reminders for employees to do tasks that they may have forgotten to do. For example, after using certain material, employees may be required to wash their hands. Having a warning sign that reminds employees to wash their hands is incredibly helpful. Essentially, warning signs help improve safety in the workplace, and help warn employees and other people in the building about any potential hazardous areas, which reduces the risk of injury and even death.