Safety Clothing

Types of Safety Clothing

There are many different things you can wear to help stay safe on job sites. If you are working in a construction or industrial environment, you want to make sure you are wearing safety boots and a hard hat. If nothing else, these are the most important things to wear. That way, if something falls or an accident occurs, you protect your head. You also protect your feet in case you accidentally drop something. You should also wear a thick layer of clothing, especially pants. If you are working during the summer and it is hot out, it is understandable that you may want to wear a t-shirt or no shirt. But you should always wear a thick pair of pants to protect your legs, especially if you are using tools like a saw or other machinery. You should also always wear safety gloves, especially if you are using machinery. This will help protect your hands from wear and tear, and will allow you to pick up rough or sharp items without cutting yourself. Lastly, you want to wear safety goggles. Your eyes are extremely important, and if an accident happens and a piece of debris flies into your eye, you could potentially go blind. Wearing safety goggles will help protect your eyes in case anything goes wrong.

Best Brands

North-branded products, brought to you by Honeywell, provide some of the best safety clothing and other equipment available today. They produce a respiratory protection product that helps protect workers from hazards such as airborne particulates and pathogens while also protecting against gases and vapors. They have many different types of respirators, including powered air-purifying respirators, reusable air-purifying respirators, limited-use respirators, and disposable respirators. North Fall Protection also produces a line of fall prevention and protection equipment. This helps provide safety for workers who work at extreme heights. All of their clothing is made with the latest protective technology and provides great protection while still allowing for easy movement and comfort.

worker wearing safety clothing

Why Wear It

The most obvious reason for wearing protective equipment is safety. Construction sites and other industrial work environments present many different types of safety risks, and wearing protective equipment can help manage and prevent an accident from occurring. It also helps productivity and insurance, however. From an employer’s standpoint, if all of the workers are safe, fewer injuries will occur, which means less stoppages and a better production time. Proper safety clothing also means an insurance company won’t deny coverage if an accident occurs. Lastly, safety clothing helps improve identification. People wearing protective clothing such as hard hats, safety goggles, and work boots are easy to identify on large job sites. It is also easier to spot a pedestrian who may not belong on a job site, because they won’t be wearing the proper equipment.


The cost of safety clothing varies depending on the brand and type of equipment you need to buy. Steel toe boots, for example, can cost anywhere from $50 to $200, depending on the type of brand. As an estimate, you can expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $1000 for your safety clothing. If you are lucky, your workplace may purchase it for you, or at least reimburse you. If not, while it may seem like a large hit at first, it will save you from losing wages in case you are injured on the job because you weren’t wearing the proper clothing.