Odor Control

What is it?

One of the most annoying things in a workplace is leftover odor. This can be caused by a number of things. If you work in an industrial environment, it may be caused by various chemicals. At a construction site, it may be caused by gas spills or machinery. In an office, however, it is likely leftover food or a particular person that is causing the entire office to stink. When someone thinks of office atmosphere, they immediately think of office space and layout, and perks like chairs, desks, and other items. They rarely think of odor control. Keeping a clean and odor-free workplace, however, is essential to maintaining employee satisfaction and productivity.

How to

If your office has a strange odor, the first thing you need to do is find the source. If it is coming from the microwave or fridge, for example, a thorough cleaning should be enough to get rid of the smell. Sometimes strange odors don’t have one specific source, however. While lighting a match for a couple of seconds may be enough to clean the air, sometimes you need to do a more thorough clean. Strange odors are often caused by leftover food, so ensuring the fridge is clean is extremely important. Try to avoid bringing anything in the office that needs to be heated up, especially seafood, or onion or garlic-heavy foods. Stick to cold-cut sandwiches and fresh veggies and fruit if you can. As a rule, you should clean out the fridge at the end of the day (or at the very least, every couple of days), to make sure no leftover food remains in there for days on end. Odors in the office can also build up in areas such as the carpet. Having the carpet cleaned every month at the least should help ensure it stays nice and fresh. You can also switch to mold-free carpets, which not only stay cleaner, but are also better for your employee’s respiratory systems. Sometimes, odors don’t come from something in the office, but rather someone. While it can be awkward to confront someone about their personal hygiene, but sometimes you have to do it. This also refers to strong fragrances, such as perfume or cologne.

Cleaning-Air Fresheners

Cleaning Supplies

There are many different supplies you can use to help eliminate a bad odor. Use Lysol wipes to disinfect counter surfaces and inside the microwave and fridge. You can also use Lysol spray to keep the office smelling fresh. Purchasing one of those automatic sprayers that go off every couple of hours will make sure the office doesn’t smell too much like Lysol, but will help control odor. You don’t have to use cleaning supplies, however, to get rid of odor. Scented candles, for example, are a great way to give the office a great small. Candles are a fire hazard, however, so you should not leave them lit overnight or in an office where nobody is. Sometimes fresh air is all you need, so leaving a window open or using a fan can also help remove any odd smells or weird odors.