Audio Visual Equipment


Audio visual (AV) equipment refers to machines that offer both a visual and sound component. The most common types of audio visual equipment are televisions and computers. Typically, AV equipment is used to enhance presentations, often in an office setting. They are also used in education, with many schools installing interactive whiteboard technology and projection equipment into their classrooms. During presentations, the presenter may use PowerPoint to display important information or a video that enhances their presentation. They may also show a clip from a television show or film to help emphasize their point.

How to Use

For the most part, AV equipment is pretty easy to use. If you know you are giving a presentation, it may be advisable to come in early or even the day before to test all the equipment you will be using. Not only will this make you more comfortable with using the equipment, you will also be able to check to make sure all of it works. The last thing you want is to have a great clip to show, only to discover the television isn’t working for some reason. This will give you time to make a change to your presentation, or have somebody come in to fix the equipment. The more difficult thing is using AV equipment to give an effective presentation. Make sure you understand your audience – giving a presentation to a group of kids is different than a group of CEOs. Make sure your presentation has a purpose, and the AV equipment is there to emphasize or help that purpose. Do not use AV equipment just for the sake of using it. AV equipment should be used to show the audience visual aids that will help them understand the point. Do not write your presentation on a PowerPoint and then simply read off the screen. Instead, use media to keep your audience entertained while you talk about the points you wish to get across. Make sure you maintain a good volume so that everyone can hear, and ensure that all of your clips are around the similar volume. Lastly, relax and be confident!

Executive Giving Presentation

Maintain It!

AV equipment is great to keep around the office, but you need to make sure you maintain it and keep it in good working condition. It’s pointless to have AV equipment that doesn’t work. This starts with regular cleaning and dusting. Dust can cause equipment like laptops and DVD players to falter. Ideally, you should dust all of your equipment weekly. Keep track of how often you use equipment, possibly by keeping a log. Some equipment may wear out over time, while others may not work if it goes long periods of time without being used. Either way, it is important to know how often all of the equipment is used. You should also keep track of when each piece of AV equipment was purchased. That way you know if something is over ten years old or not, at which point it likely should be upgraded to stay current. Maintaining your AV equipment will save you a lot of money in the long run because you won’t have to constantly have damaged equipment repaired or replaced.